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How does LED tv work? Full Procedure

Topics cover: How does a LED tv screen work? or How does LED tv works? How do LED TV work animations? LED display working principle. How does LCD Tv work? CCFL Work

Today, somebody asked me, How does an LED TV screen work? I told him and thought that many people don’t know about LED Display TV working principle. Then I decided to write a post on it. But if you want to know about LED Tv working procedure. Then you should know some basic things before LED TV works. Because if you don’t know these then you can understand the LED TV work procedure.

So let’s start… And Get information about How does an Led TV Work & LCD TV Work?

History of LED

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) came into existence for the first time in 1962 and for a few decades, it was predominantly red in colour. The invention of LED was invented in 1962 by Nick Holonike.

The first practical LED display was made in Hewlett-Packard and introduced in 1968. And it was built by Howard C. Borden, Gerald P. Pighini, and Egyptian engineer Mohamed M. Atalla at HP Labs.

HP Model 5082-7000 Numeric Indicator was the first LED device to use integrated circuit (integrated LED circuit) technology.

When was the first smart tv invented?

The first Smart TV patent was invented or built-in 1994 in Japan, and since then Smart TV has been developed and innovated ahead with more interactive features and introduced into the market in 2010. Today, it is the most effective television. The smart TV runs a complete.

The operating system provides a platform to develop an application for developers. This Operating system has a software development kit (SDK). So that even viewers themselves can develop applications for this. This Operating system contains a lot of apps. Users can choose any apps and install them directly on their TV.

Apps with different categories are found such as movies, games, social networking, education, weather, music, news, maps etc. Availability of numerous applications is the first benefit of Smart TV.

Who invented LCD tv?

George H. Heilmeier invented the first Liquid Crystal Display Devices in 1970. And the Sharp was the first company to use LCD in TVs screens.LCD TVs were initially meant for the portable market. Because they were energy efficient. After that researches going on and they introduce this in the market. And Lots of work done for LED TV.

LED Tv Work in Starting days

Nick Holonyak Jr. Created by, First LED produced red colour light. Whose brightness was quite a task? In 1976, T. P. Pearsall built LEDs with high brightness and high efficiency. These first commercial visible-wavelength LEDs were commonly used as replacements for incandescent & neon indicator lamps. In early times these LEDs used to be very expensive technology. So it was used only in laboratory experiments. But over time, as it became cheaper, they started being used in things like radio, telephone, clocks and calculator etc.

Now when they started being used. So the experiments started on the LED light. When the brightness and luminosity of the led increased, they used to make LED bulbs, tube light etc. And the first true all LED flat panel television TV screen was developed by J. P. Mitchell in 1977. {Source}

LED display panel Diagram Given Below. You can Easily understand about LED TV work?

LCD and LED work Principle
LCD and LED working Principle

How Does a Smart Plasma TV Work?

The first flat plasma display panel (PDP) was discovered by Donald Bitzer, Gene Slottow & Robert Willson in 1964. The world’s largest Smart Plasma TV was 150 inches Smart Plasma TV made by Panasonic company in 2008. And in 2010 the Panasonic also made the world’s largest Plasma 3D TV (152 inches).

There are little cells of noble gases, usually, Neon and Xenon used in plasma television. And these gases are supercharged and placed in plasma state in plasma TV. In this state, the subatomic components of these gases discharge ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light itself is not visible. But, there are little phosphors inside these cells that absorb ultraviolet light and then re-produce it as light in the visible spectrum. As a viewer, you see this light. 

TFT Display Glass
TFT Display Glass

Before LCD Tv Work Principle you can’t able to understand LED Tv Work Principle. So, let us tell you first how LCD TV Work?

How does LCD Tv Work?

Before understanding LED TV Work. We should know LCD. Friends, the image we see on the display screen is made up of pixels. There are three subpixels in each pixel. These three pixels are red green blue. And with these three colours, thousands of colours are made. 

So let’s understand it well. As soon as you turn on the display, the light comes out of the backlight and goes into the polarized filter. The light emitted from the polarising filter passes through the TFT transporter sheet into the liquid crystal. 

The colour passes through the filter after passing through the liquid crystal. And again passing through the Polariser filter, an image is created on the main screen. 

Here we are talking about LCD displays. LCD full form is liquid crystal display? So friends initially come backlight, and the LCD display uses CCFL backlight which lights up the display. 

Polarized Light
Polarised Light

Because of which we are able to see the image in the display. The CCFL has a full-form COLD cathode fluorescent lamp and it illuminates the display. And then the light goes into the polarized filter. Friends polarised filtering is to propagate the light to a single access. And we also call it polarization.

Whenever the light is coming from some source. So it is scattered in every direction. So this scattered light is sent forward on a single direction. With the help of a Polarised filter panel. 

You can understand this with working of led tv with diagram. This diagram easily tells you how does Lcd TV work technology.

Liquid Crystal
Liquid Crystal

There are two types of polarising filters. One horizontal polarised filter and the other vertical polarised filter. Vertical filtering works by vertically passing light on vertical direction. Thus horizontal filler horizontally passes the light on the hotel direction. 

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After this, the light waves go into TFT (Thin Film Transistor Glass). TFT is made with transparent glass. In which a transistor is installed to control the brightness of each subpixel. It has thousands of transistors of thousands of sub-pixels. 

LCD Display Layers
LCD Display Layers

After this, the light goes into the liquid crystal. Liquid Crystal is the material between liquid and solid. Its molecular twist numetical mean is bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Because of which the light passes easily from inside it. 

And this turns all the pixels on when electricity is applied to this liquid crystal, its molecules are aligned in the direction of the electric field. Because of which light does not pass through the crystal. And in this state, all pixels are off. This is all principle LCD tv work.

Alignment of Crystal Layers
Alignment of Crystal Layers

The TFT glass which was amplified a little while ago plays an important role in this work. I already told you that every subpixel has a sub-transistor. This transistor applies voltage on the liquid crystal according to the electric signal and because of that, the pixels’ brightness is controlled. 

And these millions of pixels keep turning themselves on or off according to the light signals. And that’s why we see images. Now it is the turn of the LED display.

Now Below we understand What is CCFL and LED TV work Procedure.

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RGB Pixels
RGB Pixels

CCFLs and LCD display TV technology Work

Two types of televisions, based on which type of backlight has been used CCFLs and LEDs. Now you know the LCD tv work system. Now, we move on CCFL…

CCFL full form is a cold cathode fluorescent lamp. CCFLS use thin fluorescent tubes used for regular lighting to light the liquid crystal display. These LCDs are slowly being phased out because LEDs are much more efficient and also cheaper to make.

how does led tv work
Light Blocked By Conductors

LCD Television Advantages

  1. Lower energy cost
  2. Easy to repair
  3. Durable products

LCD Television disadvantages

  1. If you change the viewing angle then you won’t be able to see the image.

How does LED TV work

In the upper section, you know the LCD Tv Work principle. Now understand LED tv work principle. LED television is a special kind of LCD. Where the backlight consists of LEDs instead of CCFLs. That’s the core principle behind LED TV work technology and how LED TV work. These televisions are far more energy-efficient in comparison to CCFL.

LED TV uses LED instead of CCFL for a light source. The rest of the procedure is the same as that of an LCD TV. And as you all know how LCD works. So you should not have trouble understanding this. How does led tv work?

LED Smart TV Benefits & Advantages

  1. Better Picture Quality
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Contrast is much better
  4. Mercury is not used for lighting
  5. Most reliable
  6. Easy Service and repair

LED TV Disadvantage

1. It is quite expensive when you compare it with LCD & Plasma TV.

Sincerely I hope that I gave you full information about How does a LED & LCD tv screen work? I also hope that you guys have understood about LED TV working principle. I request all of you. Please share this information with your friends and family. So, they can aware about it. It is beneficial information for everyone. I need your support so that I can coney more new information to you.

It has always been my endeavour that I always help my readers, If you have any doubt or question about this then please tell us in the comment section. And also tell us What is have missed here about How does a led tv screen work? If you want to add something then tell us in the comments. If the information is helpful then we add that in our post. Thanks

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