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Smart Tv Buying Guide & Important Tips in India 2020

Smart TV Buying Guide India 2020: We are seeing these days. People are very curious about buying new gadgets  And sometimes this can be a big headache for them. And TV selection is one of them.

If you are also thinking to buy a Smart TV and you need some guidance and tips for that then don’t worry today. We will tell you the best Smart TV buying guide India and important tips of 2020.

Here are 11 important factors and tips are given below which will help you in buying a great smart tv buying guide India.

Smart TV Buying Guide India- Important Factors

1. Purpose to buy the best Smart TV

Before you decide to buy a new smart tv, you should know what is the purpose of that TV which you are planning to buy. So Think before, What is the main purpose of buying that TV?

tv buying guide flipkart
Smart tv buying guide India

You will use that TV, Will you use that in your drawing room or in your personal room or for your office/shop. Because this will help you to make your budget for that TV.

So, First thing you should focus on the purpose of that TV.

2. Consider the connectivity

Now you need to focus on the second step, which is really important. That, Do you have proper connectivity for the new Smart TV? Because it is a very important step if you are buying a new TV. Then you should have proper sockets and connectivity for those TV installations.

TV Connectivity
TV Connectivity

If you don’t have one then you should make one before buying a new TV. Otherwise, that will be more chargeable for you and the TV installation person will not do that. 

If you are ready for this then you will have no problem after buying a TV.

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3. What is your budget for TV?

This is a very important step for you before buying a new Smart TV unit.  Make your budget for TV. 

And be ready for some little bucks up and down. Let’s assume that you have a budget of 20000/- rupees and The TV you choose that price is 21000 then if you are ready for that then this will also help you.

Budget for Smart TV

Because you have set a budget prior and you are also ready for a little up and down price.

Now consider some budget other factors.

Is EMI Option Available?

If you are buying with the full amount of cash then this step is not for you. But if you are thinking of some Loan option then this is the main step for you.

Smart TV EMI Option Available
Smart TV EMI Option Available

Before buying a New Smart TV, you should check first that there is any loan or EMI facility available for that brand or unit. How much do you need to pay for a down payment? What are the interest rates? Can you afford that EMI with your monthly expenses?

If you are able to saturate yourself with these questions, then you are ready to buy your favourite TV.

4. Smart TV Screen Size

It does not matter how expensive or branded smart TV you are buying. If its size is not the same as your room, and the screen appears small in view. So that TV is useless for you.

smart tv buying guide india
Smart TV Screen Size

If you are getting a big screen size smart TV in your budget then it is a wonderful thing if it is not so.

So first you have to see that the area for which you have to buy a TV. For that, you will need a big screen size. When you decide the TV size according to your room, it will be very useful for you.

TV Buying Guide Size

If you are buying a TV for yourself, then how to know which size of TV will be the best and perfect for you. So you don’t have to worry about it. You can decide according to the table below how much big TV will be right for you.

Focus on Three things

  1. Your Setting Distance
  2. TV Size
  3. TV Screen Resolutions
Viewing Distance in FeetTV Screen Size in InchesSmart TV Resolutions
3-524”HD Ready
4-832”HD Ready
5-1040”.-42”Full HD
6-1249”Full HD
8-1455”Full HD or 4K
9-15 or above65” or above4K or 8K or above

5. TV Screen Resolution

Smart TV Screen Display and Resolution is a very important factor for the TV. When you are checking the screen Display and Resolution. Then you should focus on these 5 parameters for the guide for buying smart tv.

Display Type

Display type is the most important part of any TV. And these days few types of display are very popular. LED, OLED and QLED. All types are based on LED technology. But shortly before, LCD and plasma TVs were popular. But we can’t see them today. You can see the picture below.

LED, OLED and QLED Smart TV Details
LED, OLED and QLED Smart TV Details

Screen Resolutions

Higher-resolutions defines the image sharpness and clarity of the image. Resolution is also called the number of pixels in the display ( width X height). If the pixels are higher then you will get higher picture quality and clear and sharp images.

TV Screen Resolution
TV Screen Resolution

As you can see these days 3 types of resolution are the most popular HD Ready (720p to 1024p), Full HD (1080p) and 4K/8K (2160p or UHD).

720p has approximately 1 million pixels. 1080p has approximately 2 million pixels. And the final 4k or 8k has approximately 8 million pixel size.

Screen Refresh Rate

We measured the Refresh rate in Hz or FPS (Frames per second). Generally, a movie shot 24 Hz. We are human beings and our eyes usually see 50-60 Hz.

A TV with Higher Refresh Rate is providing better viewing, smoother images and reducing blurring effect experience.


Higher contrast ratio provides better and detailed picture quality. If you bought a lower contrast smart tv then blacks look grey images.


HDR Full form is High Dynamic Range. H D R produces the most graphic. true life images with rich colours. Two HDR Standards are HDR Pro and Dolby Vision. If a Smart TV has HDR certificates then that will provide you with better graphic Display.

6. Smart TV Sound

Everyone wants a nice sound quality in their Smart TV. People know that more watts mean loud and better sound quality. Some Smart TV brands have an inbuilt sound mode like sports, cinema, movie and music. About sound technology, every company gives it its name like Dolby Digital or DTS premium. And some TVs come with Harman Kardon audio.

TV Sound
TV Sound

This will also affect your TV display area, if your room size is big then your TV has good sound quality. 

These days you can also use external speakers. Which will provide you with higher sound for a big room.

7. Power Consumption of Smart TV

Power consumption is a major factor for any electronic device. If you take a TV that gives too much of your bill, then it is of no use. Therefore, you should buy a TV whose power consumption is correct, for this, you can see the star rating given on the TV, the more stars the less power uses.

Power Consumption of Smart TV
Power Consumption of Smart TV

8. Service centre availability

As you already know the quality of your TV. Let’s assume you bought a TV and after some time your Smart TV has some issues. And there is no service centre or technical help available in your city. Then what will you do?

I know you will be disappointed with your TV buying experience. So, This is also the main step before selecting any brand. You should check that the company provides technical help or they have any service centre available in your area. 

Service center availability
Service centre availability

If they don’t have any then change your decision and select any other brand because this will be beneficial for you in future.

9. Where to buy Fully loaded Smart TV

Once you decide all the above thing then the question is where to buy a fully loaded Smart TV. Then this is your choice. Check the market first. Is there any offer going on. Or any place that will provide you with a good Smart TV unit in your price budget.

You can also search online.

tv buying guide amazon
Where to buy Fully loaded Smart TV

Smart tv buying guide India amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest shopping site. This has lots of products. You can see amazon for buying a Smart TV in india. They also provide offers sometimes. Amazon will provide you with a TV buying guide.

TV buying guide Flipkart

If you are in India the After Amazon. Flipkart is the second-largest online shopping eCommerce website in India. They run a festival session offers. You can use them as a secondary option. You can compare these two sites to buy a smart TV. This will be helpful for TV buying guides in India on Flipkart.

Discount and Offers on smart tv
Discount and Offers

Discount and Offers

If you are not in a hurry, then wait for a session or festival sales. Because in these sales you can get better discounts and offers for your smart TV. 

With these tips, you can also save some of you bucks on your Smart TV.

10. Do you need any Upgrade for your Smart TV in Near future

When you are selecting any brand or Smart TV. Then you should check that you are making a good decision. Ask yourself a question, do I need an upgrade for this smart tv in the near future? 

And if your answer is ‘NO’. Then you can move the step ahead and buy that selected TV which you have chosen.

Smart TV Review by others
Smart TV Review by others

11. Smart TV Review by others

Before buying any Smart TV. You should check that Smart TV Review. Check the websites and You will get a good answer for that brand which you are thinking to purchase. Before buying any TV, you should consider and think the above point of Smart Tv Buying Guide India

These Smart Tv Buying Guide India & Important Tips help you to find good buying experience in 2020.

Finally, how did you like our Smart TV Buying Guide india& Important Tips 2020 article. You can tell us your thoughts through comments. And if you like this post, then please do share it.



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